The Comprehensive Infrastructure

We believe in providing such facilities which promote children’s imagination, and widen the arena of knowledge.

The school building is a sight to behold with ace Infrastructural design which makes the school a picturesque appeal.

Spread over more than six acres of land, the school campus is designed to cater every needs of young and growing children. Adequate space for educational activities, various sports and co-curricular activities ensure an environment that promotes good health and well being.

The school campus presently consists of well maintained Administrative block, spacious Classrooms, specially designed playground and the Indoor games Arena, Ultra Modern Audio Visual Room, Hostel and Prayer Hall.

Wide corridors and courtyards provide feasible movements and also create the ideal ambience for delightful learning. The school has such a well equipped computer laboratory with strategically located terminals that ensure constant flow of information and provide a window for the outside world.

Library - Linguistically Smart

Bad Libraries build collections, good libraries build services and great libraries build community.

Our school library is a treasure of knowledge, has state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide students a place to learn, think and share ideas.

The school has enormous stock of books including Encyclopaedia, Fiction and Myriads of Reference Books for all age groups. Library has also a large number of magazines and journals on various subjects . The library is fully equipped with sufficient number of book racks and adequate seating arrangement for enriching learners spirit of reading.


The school truly believes in the concept of a kinesthetically tenacious child which means a sound mind with a healthy body-brawn with brains. All the students of our school can access to various games such as football, basketball, volleyball, cricket, badminton and athletics including wide ranges of favourite indoor games viz, table tennis, chess and caroms under the guidance of well trained Instructors.

Art & Music

Together with Academic Excellence, co-curricular activities form an integral part of the school curriculum. The school endeavours to provide ample of opportunities to the students to give expression to their imagination and enhance creativity. The very idea of introducing activity rooms is to nurture the inborn potential of every student, to give wings to enhance their creativity and learning skills.

Scholastic Smart

Academic Excellence: SSG never believe in imparting only the textual knowledge to our students rather we emphasize the concept of learning through doing. Our curriculum is designed in a manner that every child should be free from the burden of learning and also to be excel in Life skills too. In a nut shell SSG aims at creative education exploring innate talents of everyone. The policy of “No Child Left Behind.”

The Classroom

With a mesmerizing ambience, SSG provides such classroom environment that fosters spirit of learning and motivates students towards better performance.

Our classrooms are aesthetically designed and integrated with digital smart boards and well-furnished furniture, airy, ventilated, well illuminated to have energized feel all the time. Modern technology has been incorporated in such a manner makes the entire teaching learning process quiet cohesive and coherent.

Audio Visual Room

Audio-Visual room is equipped with a LCD projector and Groovy sound system, The AV library comprises rich educational and entertainment CD’s to augment the learning ability of the children and sustain their interest in learning.

Activity room

The Activity Rooms at SSG are magical jukeboxes that spur every student into action. Equipped with a wide range of performing Arts, our spacious activity rooms are fit for every session – be it Dance, Music or Yoga.

Field Trip

Field trip give students educational experiences away from their regular school environment.The school organizes myraids of Educational Trips to different location to make the process of teaching learning activities more live and hands-on.

Hostel -The Home Itself

The SSG hostel is perched in the school campus in a tranquil and verdant environment.

The boarding house provides a comfortable home away from home. Here students can unwind or study or chat about latest trends. The emphasis is on collective enjoyment, human values and spiritual development. It has all the facilities that help the children to live and grow in an environment that they can feel homely atmosphere. It also recognizes the uniqueness of each individual and enables its members to synergize in a manner to promote residential community life. The Hostel is designed to provide every facility for study, leisure and enjoyment, which can add so much to school days and later-life.

SSG has a modern hygienic Kitchen. Fresh, healthy and nutritious cuisine is served each day. The emphasis here is on well nutritious Traditional food. The cuisine includes an elaborate spread of a variety of dishes and desserts as and well.

A dedicated and trained team of chefs, cooks, supporting staff and dietician make sure that hygiene, variety and timeliness are given utmost importance. The food is strictly vegetarian wit” a assortment of dishes.